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SRS Dieresponsibly T-Shirt

SRS Dieresponsibly T-Shirt

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What does it mean to “die responsibly”?

To me, it means living every day like it’s my last… not leaving room for any regrets due to fear or lack of motivation..

See, some people in this world aren’t doing enough living. Everyday life can seem almost like a never ending struggle..

But I don’t believe it necessarily HAS to be this way.

Life was made to be enjoyed.. not taken for granted..
It’s priceless.

If you could have everything you currently desire today but the only catch was that you couldn’t wake up tomorrow, I’m 1000% sure you wouldn’t take that deal.

That means that your life, as it is, is already worth more than anything you could ever dream of..

And although I don’t believe we ever truly “die”, I believe that we owe it to ourselves to live every moment to the fullest.

That’s what “DIERESPONSIBLY” means to me.

If you support this message/idea, buy one of these “LIVE RECKLESSLY, DIERESPONSIBLY” shirts.

If you do, I hope that you’re reminded of how precious life is whenever you wear it.. ⚡️

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